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Users are using Alpha Meeting++ daily .

Access board packs from anywhere on iPad and Web

Alpha Meeting++ allows your directors, executives and committee members to just attend a meeting with their iPad's and Laptops without the need to carry any paper based documents. Using the Alpha Meeting++ app on their devices they can get access to their current meeting agendas, documents, resolutions, past meeting documents and much more.

Modern & Flexible


Support for English and other languages

Bio-metric Login

Login using your fingerprints. Do-away with cumbersome username and password.

Decisions Tracking

Tracking the status of decisions taken in meeting and to whom it was assigned.


Members can pass resolutions by voting using alpha meeting.

Offline access

Internet or No Internet, you can always access your already synced data on alpha-meeting++.

Highlight New or Updated Content

Provide updates at your meeting attendees fingertips and highlight any new or updated material.

Secured & Protected

Authorised Device Access

Only authorised devices can gain access to the system, protecting your data on board meeting software.

Encrypted Storage

Documents stored on the server and iPad are encrypted with AES 256 with a Unique key per file.

Audit Trails

Extensive Audit Trails records each and every activity that happens within Alpha Meeting Board Meeting Software.

End to End Encryption

All communication between mobile/ tablet and server are encrypted with SSL & RSA + AES 256.

Complex Passwords

Enforce Complex password policies with length and special characters.

Set Access Rights

Restrict all content by teams or users fine grain control over how access rights can be set.

The Best Meeting Portal

Meeting centre

Access your meetings and agendas straight from your mobile/ tablet devices. Board Portals made mobile.


Alpha meeting supports document annotations such as sticky notes, Free hand drawing, Audio Notes etc.

Archive Meetings

Search for past and previous meetings, agendas on documents and see what was decided for each agenda item.

Document Sharing

Add documents related to your meeting agenda items. Each item could contain multiple documents.


Use Comments to collaborate with other members. Comments allow discussion between users before the meeting itself.


Send document for signatures and get your users to sign it and send it back.

Decisions Tracking

Every meeting has decisions and this feature allows you to track the status of decisions taken in meeting and to whom it was assigned.

Reference Library

Maintain a reference library to help your users with some documents that could be helpful for them.Annotation sharing is plus.