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Traditional board meeting was held using paper based board pack. This presented a lot of challenges in terms of printing, delivering and finally shredding the paper based board packs. With modern technologies at hands, organisation are moving fast towards an electronic board meeting solution that works on mobile and tablet devices such as an iPad. The board meeting solution delivers the board packs electronically and securely to the board members. However, this is not the only use of an effective board meeting solution, for ex.  Alpha meeting allows your board members to also maintain a reference library of documents, vote for resolution or approvals, that decision taken in meetings, sign documents electronically, collaborate and communicate with other board members etc.

Alpha meeting is a leading board meeting solution used by thousands of users on a daily basis of their board and leadership meetings. Alpha meeting allows you to conduct meetings on the iPad, delivers meeting board pack securely and electronically to your board and executive leadership as well as let them maintain a reference library of documents , vote for resolutions or approvals, Track decisions taken in meetings, sign documents electronically,
collaborate and communicate with other Board members.

Alpha meeting captures Complex meeting process online. Individual documents are presented in the context of a meeting agenda or resolutions. All upcoming meetings are available in a 360-degree view. Executives and leadership can search for any past meeting through various combinations such as text based search or search by specific meeting. This allows them to have access to the content of the meeting held even ages ago.

Alpha meeting works on the concept of team-spaces. This means you can have unlimited number of teams in your organisation a board can be a team as well as each committee can be a team.  Users can be assigned to multiple teams and they have access to only the content of that team.

Alpha meeting includes full strength ,AES- 256 encryption of all content such as files, data etc. On top of all of this data transmitted between the server and the device is ENCRYPTED OVER SSL. Several other security measures are also incorporated such as jail-Break detection and data wipe, Remote data wipe, Only Authorised Device Access, Two- Factor Authentication, login using touch ID (finger-print login). Further more meetings, agenda, document and any other data in the system is only visible to those user to whom the access is provided. To know more about our security, visit our resources section and  download a copy of Alpha meeting detailed documentation or download directly from: Download Alpha meeting detail document.

Yes Alpha meeting offers a complete custom branding, where you can choose the colour and design according to your organisational template. Furthermore we also offer a customised solution to ensure any of your demands for feature are incorporated.

Get in touch with our sales department at sales@alpha-meeting.com or contact fill the form. One of our friendly staff will get in touch with you to arrange a demo and provide you demo access to Alpha Meeting.

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